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New Mexico True

Proud to be . . .

Pleased to announce that bhwydesigns . . . studio has just been welcomed into the New Mexico True Certified Program sponsored by the New Mexico Tourism Department. This initiative allows select New Mexico businesses to leverage the magnetic and powerful New Mexico True brand to build their products' recognition and amplify existing marketing messages. It brings national attention to the quality, care and craftsmanship behind products that are made in New Mexico.

Quality first

I started making jewelry that I wanted to see in the world and I did this with an uncompromising approach to authenticity and sustainability.

Humble beginnings

With nothing but passion and a dream, my brand was born working at our dining room table creating a collection for the Santa Fe Opera Shop.

Worldwide shipping

Shipping now available to Europe, Canada, Latin America and Australia. Fees calculated at checkout.


bhwydesigns uses Eco-friendly recycled precious metals that have been melted down to be reused.

Ethically Sourced

The ethical sourcing process includes not only eco-friendly mining but also appropriately paying miners fair living wages for a healthy community.